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An ISO Certified and Govt. Registered Company    


Part Time Jobs in Chennai

Being a student, there are unlimited expenses with very little pocket money such as party, travel, birthday, Valentine’s Day. Student life is full of fun and fantasy except the fact that there’s always limited money in pocket. And asking parents for the increment means a huge explanation for the expenses. If you are facing the same situation, then here’s the most feasible solution for your problems i.e. Part time job. Most of the people today prefer these work instead of being a full time employee in a company; as it gives them an opportunity to not only earn an handsome amount of money but also a significant experience which helps them in their future career.

Various types of jobs waiting for you!!!

Chennai is a city where people come from different cities and towns in search of employment. Here, there are numerous jobs available. Out of all those jobs, few most popular ones are:

Data Entry Work: Most of the people, who are engage in work from home, do this kind of work. In this, people who are willing to work are provided with hard copy of material that has to be typed by them in computer in Microsoft word or excel. Payment is made on the basis of correctness of the soft copy. Also, certain parameters are made which if not complied with leads to deductions in payment.

Online Form Filling: This is the second most popular work among all of the work available out there. In this, one is provided with certain number of online forms daily, which they have to fill it. In this kind of work, people are paid according to the number of blanks in a form and number of forms filled by a person. The accuracy of the work is measured and deductions are made for any fault.

Ad Posting Work: Today, the most effective option for new emerging companies is internet and this work is totally based on this concept. People are provided with the advertisements of different companies and they have to post them on different websites. More the ads are posted, more would be their income. Almost all of this work is done online which means the one who’s opting to work for these should have computer knowledge and internet access then only they would be able to go ahead in this field.